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Our mission

Working in steel manufacturing, power generation, cement production and brickmaking, WKE is on target to help industries realise their decarbonisation ambitions. Our solid improved recovered fuel (SIRF) pellets can be used like conventional fuel, without major changes to industrial processes. We understand the needs of high-energy users, and the challenges they face when it comes to bringing down carbon emissions. Our SIRF pellets provide a reliable, workable solution.

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We’re excited about the future of energy

For some time now, the energy debate has been polarised. Good, bad. Saint, sinner. The conversation around supporting heavy industry with realistic fuel alternatives has struggled to be heard as the focus has been on other renewable energy sources that aren’t necessarily appropriate for high-energy users. We want to re-energise the energy debate and make it positive and realistic.

Our pellets consist of non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste diverted from landfill. They are easy to transport and store and are a cleaner product when compared with loose and bailed solid recovered fuel (SRF). Everything we produce is independently tested by an accredited laboratory to ensure specification and quality.

Plus, due to the high biomass content (>50%), WKE’s SIRF pellets are a permitted CfD fuel, and using them significantly reduces CO2 when compared with coal and natural gas. We have strong relationships with all of the UK’s major SRF producers and brokers, meaning we can ensure a consistent supply.

Meet the team

Ian Jones


Ian was brought onboard at WKE in June 2021 to help steer the company during...

Craig Jones


Craig has nearly 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing and waste management industries. Previous roles...

Tony Green


Tony is an experienced chief financial officer with a history of working in the renewables...

Michael Yannakoyorgos


Michael has more than 20 years’ experience in alternative fuels, waste and the waste commodities...

Christine Wilson

Commercial Manager

Christine has been a waste specialist for more than ten years, joining WKE’s team at...

Rhys Bunker

Financial Controller

Rhys joined the WKE team in early 2022 to support the business’s fast-expanding finance and...

Claire Amy

Operations Administrator

Claire joined WKE in the summer of 2023 after relocating to the North East. With...
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Backed by Specialist Private Equity Investor – Gresham House

Gresham House Plc is a specialist alternative asset manager providing funds, direct investments and tailored investment solutions across a range of highly differentiated alternative investment strategies.

Gresham House launched its British Strategic Infrastructure Fund (BSIF) in early 2018 to invest in energy storage and other strategic infrastructure assets in the UK.

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Global fossil fuel use is at an all-time high

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WKE celebrates new milestone as plant moves to full automation

Automation of the plant in Middlesbrough means it is now operating with greater efficiency and reduced energy consumption, improving the fuel pellet manufacturing process and reducing the need for manual intervention.

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All aboard as WKE launches first international shipment and expands team

The 6200 gross tonne vessel was loaded with more than 7000 tonnes of WKE fuel pellets from WKE’s processing facility at AV Dawson-owned Port of Middlesbrough before setting sail earlier this month.

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WKE in final phase of commissioning for all three lines

plant’s first international shipment, with the 7,000-tonne vessel due to set sail in November.

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