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WKE update April 2023 SIRF pellets leaving the dock!

26th April, 2023

In our last update we announced that we’ve commissioned a bespoke container solution (WWTec SiloadmaX) to load pellets from our plant in Middlesbrough onto shipping containers.

We’re delighted to announce that this machine is now in use and we’re in the process of loading up shipping containers with 25 tonnes of our pellets which will be hitting the high seas in the next couple of weeks headed for cement customers in Finland and Eastern Europe for trials.

We’ve also recently submitted paperwork for our first TFS (transfrontier shipment) which will enable us to send bulk shipments of 8,000 tonnes of pellets to international customers. We expect to be bulk shipping in Q4 this year and we have already got two non-European customers lined up.

This bulk-shipping progress also means we’re able to commission our 10,000 tonne storage facility at AV Dawson.

For smaller deliveries, we’re now able to send our pellets in one-tonne bags. We anticipate this being used mainly for our UK customers. So, we now have solutions for all offtakers whether they are looking for small, medium or large shipments of our SIRF pellets.

And finally… we’ve been shortlisted for an award! We’re up for best Sustainable Alternative Fuels Progress award at the Awards for Excellence 2023.

Our CEO Ian Jones said: “We’re extremely proud and humbled to be in the running for this prestigious award and it’s a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication as well as the quality of the product we’re producing at our plant in Middlesbrough.

“This is an exciting year for us at WKE with pellets being produced and successful trials taking place across the UK and Europe.

“We’re all looking forward to meeting all the other finalists at the ceremony on 11th May and would like to wish everyone the very best of luck…see you there!”