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WKE’s CEO, Ian Jones, has penned an exclusive article for Steel Times International about the increasing pressure to reach decarbonisation targets.

13th December, 2022


In the race to lower carbon emissions, the UK is lagging embarrassingly far behind its EU counterparts. To meet its goals, the Climate Change Committee says our country’s emissions need to fall 23% on 2020 levels by 2030.


In this piece, Ian discusses the various policies needed for UK steel industry to achieve its net zero ambitions, as well as the government’s failure to enact them.


However, fuels made from refined and repurposed waste, which is not recyclable and would otherwise end up in landfill, could offer a solution for steel producers.


Ian talks us through WKE’s answer to this including our solid recovered fuel (SRF) pellets, manufactured at our brand-new plant in Middlesbrough.


To read the article in full, view the magazine here: