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CEO update

23rd February, 2023

Progress continues unabated at our plant in Middlesbrough as we approach Q2 in 2023. Line One hot commissioning is advancing, with Line Two due to start at the beginning of March.

WKE continues to build good stocks of pellets that meet stringent specifications, and we’re beginning production trials with kilns and gasification in the UK and Europe this April. There has also been significant interest in pellet offtake from large overseas cement and steel manufacturers.

Development continues with our short-cut pellet production, taking the length down from 16-20mm to 5mm, which will make them far more effective for use in main burners, directly replacing coal. We’ve already produced enough of these short-cut pellets to send to interested parties all over the world.

In other news, WKE is planning to partner with a major university on an exciting alternative fuel project. Our experts will be working alongside chemical engineers at this top academic establishment on research and development projects. We’re excited about the future results, which promise to improve the calorific value and biomass levels of WKE pellets. More to be revealed soon!

The energy crisis continues to make its presence felt, and turmoil in prices has, of course, had a major impact on businesses of all kinds. But we’re finding as the prices start to shift downwards, there’s been an upturn in interest in our product. Maybe we’re starting to see an alternative-fuel-powered light at the end of the tunnel…