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Progress at our pelleting plant in Middlesbrough continues at pace.

30th March, 2023

WKE update – March 2023


Progress at our pelleting plant in Middlesbrough continues at pace.


Lines one and two are now commissioning and producing pellets with line three expected to be commissioned in the coming months.


We’ve recently completed a large production trial for a UK offtaker which has been successful, and we’ve received positive feedback on the quality and usability of our pellets. The customer is undergoing detailed analysis and we expect to be finalising commercial terms in a matter of weeks.


We are about to start using our WWTec SiloadmaX which we’re very excited about because it enables us to load shipping containers full of our pellets so we can use the Port of Middlesbrough to send large quantities of pellets to our customers abroad. This is particularly good news this month as we’re receiving continued enquiries for production trials with European offtakers.


The industries best suited to using our pellets are cement, steel, power, brick making and gasification. For the cement industry, one of the main benefits of our SIRF pellets is that they are more efficient and consistent in terms of energy and moisture versus regular shredded waste where the content and quality can vary, as can its moisture levels and energy output, which can have a big impact on cement production.


Another advantage of using SIRF pellets is that they can be combined with other fuels – including coking coal, pet coke and industrial coal – meaning they can be adopted as part of a business’ overall carbon-reduction journey.


The Chancellor’s recent announcement of the forthcoming launch of Great British Nuclear can only be good news for UK energy security. The move to installing smaller modern nuclear facilities around the country will help ensure we are producing energy to meet future demand. Other countries have proven this works, including France. However, this will all take time to come into effect and in the meantime, our pellets can support existing heavy industry to switch from fossil fuels to a more sustainable home-grown alternative fuel.


With energy prices reducing and government support continuing for Teesside’s green energy industry, it’s good news all round for us this quarter!